Video clips of cycling in Toronto
9 Days
1:00 avi 30M, mov 27M, youtube, vholdr, tuff, coral, torrent
Urban cycling with a "door prize" finish
Enjoying Traffic
9:36 avi 247M, mov 221M, youtube, vholdr, coral, torrent
During the gas shortage bikes took over the highways ;) I got stuck in traffic so I decided to look around at all the other bikes, tandems, unicycles, push bikes, long boards etc.
2008 Toronto Criterium
1:46 avi 62M, mov 56M, youtube, coral, torrent
Masters Race of the 2008 Toronto Criterium. CM would have made more popular video. But this shows one of the positive cop interactions with cyclists that day. toronto criterium
Yonge Street on Recumbent
3:21 avi 97M, mov 90M, youtube, coral, torrent
Going home after 155km rural ride on a recumbent bike. The rural part all looks the same, trees moving by quickly. The urban part is a bit more interesting with various cars and traffic hazards.
2008 05 27 Eastbound King St W
4:52 avi 158M, mov 140M, youtube, coral, torrent
Just another short ride. At least 14 cyclists in the 3km stretch.
2008 05 07 Westbound King St W
6:04 avi 197M, mov 180M, youtube, coral, torrent
Westward commute 2008 05 07. There are twenty cyclists in the 3 kms covered.